5 tips to advertise on Facebook


Facebook is the one of the famous and top ranking social media networking site. Because of the ease of use and the attractive features, millions of users are active in Facebook. Facebook is seeing huge rise as a digital marketing medium. Since most of the people spend considerable amount of time in online especially in Facebook, online advertising and promotions have become more famous these days. More than the offline market, businesses and brands consider the online market as viable for better results. Reaching the huge number of people is easy through online especially through Facebook. The one of the best social media network with high number of active users is Facebook.

If you are planning to have ad campaigns through Facebook then you should consider the following tips that can be useful to you attain better outcomes may be more than the expected.


It is not wiser to just kick off the ad campaign in Facebook without having some ideas that really works well. The ad campaign without proper planning and strategies will result in vain. The main intention of the ad campaign is to reach wide range of audience and to filter the target audience out of them. The target audience is the main leads that can be converted in to potential customers and for that Facebook is the best medium. Here you go with useful tips that give best results for filtering target audiences.

Audience insights

Ad campaign is of course an investment hence it should be planned properly so that there is no waste of investment. The one of the best tool to use in Facebook ad campaign is Audience Insights by Facebook. This tool is used to learn and get to know the audience so that they brand can target their ad. This tool helps the business or the brand to save money and to save time in such a way that the business could get the information about the audience through the data available in their Facebook account.  Using the mined information the business could frame the target audience and will be able to pitch the ad to them.

Unique ads

The advertising platform of Facebook is one of the fines features of Facebook because it allows you to create diverse ads as per the audience. Different sets of ads can be created for different sets of audience because same ads will not attract everyone.  Creating different sets of ads for different groups of the target audience is a diligent strategy that works well.

Connect the ads with landing pages

The ads that you give on the Facebook pages of your business or brand account will have to take the audiences to the landing page of your site so that they can get complete and detailed information. Landing pages give clear information for the audiences so that it will be easy for them to finalize whether to buy or not. It maximizes the Facebook ad campaign efforts and minimizes the cost spend on Facebook ad campaign.

Stunning images

Don’t forget to create and present stunning and creative visuals. The images used in the ad campaign should be attractive and engaging for the audiences.